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BCC Remote On-demand Access Process - UPDATED

How to log in to BCC Citrix

1. Using your web browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.) please go to the following URL


2. To log on, enter your details as follows:

  • User name: Enter your username (e.g. surname01)
  • Password: Enter your normal computer password
  • Passcode/PIN: Enter your four digit OnDemand pin.

Please read the Terms & Conditions and check the box.
Once checked, the Log On button will then be enabled to allow you submit your log on request.

3. If you've already changed the default PIN you were initially given, you will be emailed your OnDemand token,


Enter the Tokencode from the email in the box and click Submit.


If you haven't changed the PIN or it has expired you may get additional screens to enter and confirm a new PIN before getting to this point

4. If you have previously used this computer for remote access you should get to the StoreFront page where you will see the applications and virtual desktops that you have access to. Note the SOE Desktop is a basic virtual desktop with basic software and access to network drives such as G & H.

If you haven't previously used this computer you will need to have installed Citrix Workspace and then may have additional screens where you agree to the Citrix license agreement and to click a box to indicate that the software is already installed



If you have any questions or problem, please contact the helpdesk via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It would help if you can give as much detail of what you are doing and seeing since this should speed up the resolution of your problem.

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