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BCC Remote On-demand Access Process - UPDATED

This guide will show how to access BCC Citrix for users who have On-demand RSA tokencodes.

On-demand tokencodes are no longer obtainable from RSA Ondemand portal.

1. to get an on-dmand tokencode, visit BCC Citrix and enter the following

Username: e.g smith01

PASSCODE: enter your 4 digit pin

Domain: QMCR (not case sensitive)

Click Log On

1 page

The system will now email your on-demand tokencode.


2. Enter the on-demand tokencode you received in to your email in the Next tokencode box.  Click Log On

3 nexttokencode

3.  Enter you QMCR AD password in the Password box below, then click Log On.4 adpassword

Once logged on, you will be able to click on your applications that have been allocated to you. 

5 incitrix


If you have any questions or are having problems with any parts of this guide, please contact the helpdesk via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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